When replying to your peers, think about the ethical considerations related to research or working with a vulnerable population. Although the vulnerable share characteristics making them susceptible t

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When replying to your peers, think about the ethical considerations related to research or working with a vulnerable population. Although the vulnerable share characteristics making them susceptible to health concerns, they remain unique. In the initial post, everyone discussed both strengths and weaknesses inherent to a specific vulnerable population. What steps would you recommend to ensure that your peer’s vulnerable group is ethically protected throughout the research as well as the participation element of a community-based participatory research project; that is, shelter services, food banks, case management, support groups, etc.? utilizing at least two scholarly references per peer post. APA format. Please respond to the write up below in just like 8 sentences:

The population I chose in week 1 is the mentally ill population. “She described health as an asset, as she stressed focusing on individual strengths rather than problems.” (Pender, Murdaugh, & Parsons, 2015) Some strengths or assets of the mentally ill population include resilience and ego-resilience. “Resiliency resources can be a valuable mechanism for maintaining the well-being and understanding differential resistance to, and recovery from ill-health later in life.” (Zargham-Boroughjeni, Maghsoudi, & Oreyzi, 2015) The mentally ill population has a lot of health problems. When thinking of health problems related to mentally ill population, chronic disease comes to mind. A lot of patients with mental illness with have chronic medical conditions either untreated or poorly managed due to their mental state. They also often acquire new diseases as their mental illness progresses. When mental illness is treated and stable, many times the medical conditions are easier to maintain and stabilize. Health-related lifestyle strengths definition is like health assets when reading the definitions. The mentally ill are generally resilient and characterize ego-resilience. Key health-related beliefs vary when it comes to mentally ill population. Depending on their severity of disease state, and their stability of disease, many can have different beliefs when related to health. Often, they are skeptical of receiving care and avoidant. Health behaviors that put the mentally ill at risk are homelessness, drug/alcohol abuse, avoiding healthcare, and not getting their mental illness treated. The mentally ill population generally have high risk lifestyle behaviors. Changes that could improve the mentally ill populations quality of life, is receiving psychiatric care and begin treatment for their mental illness if deemed appropriate by provider. Also, accessing resources in the community to decrease high risk behaviors and help stabilize their condition.When implementing a community-based participatory research health promotion project within the mentally ill population, there will be some pros and cons. The goal of this type of project is to address the need for improved transdisciplinary and intervention research methods and approaches, and to strengthen the science of community engagement in addressing health disparities in socially disadvantaged population groups (Castille, 2018). Some pros of doing this project would be the ability to see where there are gaps in providing services and care for the mentally ill population. Also, the ability to determine where community resources should be allocated to. It would be a great way to determine what they mentally ill feel they need more of in resources in the community. Cons of this project would be the reliability of information you may receive from some of the mentally ill population. They are generally poor historians and may not paint a clear picture of their day to day life. Getting information from a local mental health facility, homeless shelters, and other current community resources that the mentally ill utilize would be beneficial as well as gaining information from the mentally ill themselves.

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