Please make a reply to this student post adding something extra of what the student already did. APA references and less than 20 % similarity. Evidence-based practice has gained popularity in the heal

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Please make a reply to this student post adding something extra of what the student already did. APA references and less than 20 % similarity.

Evidence-based practice has gained popularity in the healthcare industry in the recent years. This has expanded to other countries who know implement evidence-based practice as part of their approach such as Canada, England and Australia (Huston, 2017). Evidence-based practice is the purposeful use of information that is most up to date and researched for the care of patients (Huston, 2017). The difference between evidence-based practice and best practice is that best practice is more of a proven standard that reports success among practitioners but does not involve the amount of research that backs up evidence-based practice (Huston, 2017). Evidence based practice integrates knowledge, personal preference of patients and cost containment in an effort provide a more wholesome care (Huston, 2017).

Question 2

Randomized controlled trials refer to a group of participants that are given different options to be evaluated based on the outcome. RCTs are used to define the effectiveness of an intervention or medication compared to others which may include placebo. These are provided to groups of people randomly selected and the results have proven to give accurate and strong evidence (Huston, 2017). Integrative review is an approach used when other literature is reviewed in order to provide a more concise and inclusive result which may involve experimental and non-experimental material. Meta-analysis is highly reliable because analysts use different studies to create a larger pool of results (Shorten & Shorten, 2013). However, when it comes to supporting evidence-based practice there is a newer format and that is practice-based evidence for the continuous improvement. This methodology evaluates the different aspects in clinical practice to establish what each patient benefits most from, under which conditions and to what expense (Huston, 2017).

Question 3

Some of the mechanisms that can be used when looking for support in implementing evidence-based practice are to gain support from management, to engage in mentorship from experts who can cooperate with researching and reviewing literature to support the use of evidence-based practice (Huston, 2017). Another very useful method is to review research that has already been condensed such as that in journals (Huston, 2017).

Question 4

The main challenge faced by most nurses looking to implement evidence-based practice is the vast amount of material, research and information that is available for use (Huston, 2017). This information is not synthetized and nurses do not have the necessary time to carefully review this to obtain the answers they need, also many nurses are still not aware of the need and importance of evidence-based practice and what this means for the practice of nursing in general (Huston, 2017).

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