Reply 1 COVID-19 probably the most controversial pandemic in the history of the world. COVID at first was deemed to spread by direct contact, and it took the CDC, WHO, and many other organizations

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Reply 1

COVID-19 probably the most controversial pandemic in the history of the world. COVID at first was deemed to spread by direct contact, and it took the CDC, WHO, and many other organizations almost two years to deem it to be airborne. Today COVID is spread through the air. My personal beliefs is that scientists are now too focused on playing politics instead of actually following the scientific method that has been around for over 100 years. They do this to get grants and make a lot of money. For me an article that I disagree with as of today is any article with CDC, WHO, or any articles that came from any news groups such as Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc. etc. I trust nothing that is put out in the mainstream anymore! This pandemic has created such a distrust between people and the scientists, and with so much misinformation out there it’s almost impossible to trust any source. I actually tend to now pull up three or more different articles on the same subject from multiple sources and compare where thing overlap and take that as start. In my 34 plus years I have never heard of any vaccine that was fast paced and approved as quickly as the COVID vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. When I look at a vaccine I look closely at long term effects, and animal studies that were conducted before ingesting it into my body. These vaccines have no data, and the records worsens when you had in the fact that its MRNA technology being used.  In other words, I don’t trust any single source or article that is written pertaining to the COVID-19.

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The coronavirus can spread and be transmitted to a host in three different ways. The most notable way that everyone is familiar with is by breathing in infected particles from a host that is carrying the virus. This spread can be prevented by both the infected person and the non-infected wearing the proper grade mask to reduce the area of spread. Another way that Covid-19 can spread is through surface contact, the coronavirus is known to still be infectious even after being on a surface from a few hours to days under certain circumstances. If someone were to touch the contaminated surface and then proceed to touch their mouth, eyes, or nose they increase their risk of catching the virus. The last widely known way that someone could get infected with the coronavirus is through small droplet particles that come from the infected host while coughing or sneezing. This can be prevented as previously stated by the infected person wearing a mask as it would catch most of the larger particles before they can make contact with anyone or any surface. However, if the person who is infected is under the hospital’s care it would be up to the staff, as well as anyone else entering the room, to wear the proper PPE to prevent exposure to these droplets. One of the things I found most interesting about Covid-19 is that the immune system responds better for someone who was infected with covid-19 and had a natural recovery then got vaccinated. This gave the persons immune system a variety of antibodies that would be able to defend itself by targeting a broader spectrum of the spoke protein found on the Coronavirus.

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