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Continuing on the themes
of the Module 1 and 2 Case Assignments, for this module you will also be doing
a self-assessment as well as applying the concepts from the module to your own
organization. Make sure to thoroughly review the required background materials
before starting this assignment, as you need to apply concepts from readings
such as Wilson (2014) or Taylor, et al. (2008) as part of this assignment.

This assignment has five
sections. For each section, the suggested length is one half to one full page,
for a total length of four to five pages not including the title page and
references. You should also make sure to cite Wilson (2014) and Taylor, et al.
(2008) multiple times throughout the paper as well as any additional references
that you find:

Most 360-degree surveys are not free and in fact are very
expensive if you want to get a license to use them at your organization.
However, there are a few free sample 360-degree surveys out there. Do a search
on Google or other search engines using terms such as “free 360-degree feedback
survey.” Find two or three free surveys and choose one of them that you think
would be most applicable to your organization. Explain the reasoning for your
choice, and try to use criteria from Taylor, et al. (2008) for selecting your

Now go ahead and take the survey that you chose in your answer
to Question 2 above. Fill out the survey as a self-evaluation – i.e. use the
survey to evaluate your own leadership skills and other skills. Report the
results of your survey. Do you think the survey was useful? What areas for
improvement in your leadership skills did you find from using the survey?

As a next step, fill out the survey again but this time evaluate
your current supervisor or a previous supervisor that you worked with. Report
your results. Were the results fair to your supervisor? What are the main areas
for improvement for your supervisor based on your results?

Now that you have taken the survey twice, what is your overall
evaluation of the survey that you took? Did the survey ask the right questions
necessary for you and your supervisor? Are there different or additional
questions that you think should be added to this survey? Use the “Standardized
Instrument Checklist” on page 37 of Taylor, et al. (2008) as well as your own
experiences filling out the survey to assess the usefulness of the survey that
you took.

Finally, take a look at page 255 of Wilson (2014) where she
discusses six different pitfalls of a 360-degree survey. Which pitfalls do you
think would apply to your organization and the leaders you work with? How might
you overcome these pitfalls if you were to lead a 360-degree survey process in
your organization?

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