Cyberattack research paper

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Disaster preparedness planning for a cyber attack whose responsibility is it. Research paper


including tentative references. It mustinclude the following subsections/subtitles in the following order:

1. Title Page

Course number, your name, professor’s name, and a tentative title).

2. Problem Statement(include ProblemBackground)

(2 paragraphs; you should utilize – cite and/or reference ‐‐ at least two per‐

reviewed resources to illuminate the problem).

Your Research Question can serve verbatim as the Title of your paper.

3. Research Question(must end with “?”)

Investigating the past and/or present

It should point to a problem/process/phenomenon that has not been covered in the literature, or you believe has been covered or answered incorrectly, insufficiently or inadequately.

Distil key variables/factors: which one is possible cause and which one is possible effect/consequence?

4. Thesis or Proposition

Your preliminary/presumed answer to your Research Question)

“factors A, B and C affect/cause or correlate with Y”

5. TentativeLiterature/Resources List

At least 10 peer‐reviewed resources in addition to other resources)

 Final Project must be at least 15 APA-formatted and referenced pages including title page and references.

 In the Final Project, all listed sub-headings/sub-sections from the Final Project Content and Format must be included.

 In some subsections/subheadings from this course template under Research Design section you should state briefly in a paragraph or two, a method/technique you would use to conduct your own “field” research on the subject (survey, interview/s, statistical analysis, content analysis, etc.). You will have no time conduct actual field research.

 In the Literature Review section, you should APA-review at least 10 peer-reviewed authors who wrote on the chosen subject in addition to primary sources (laws, regulations, convention, treaties and media sources). Wikipedia should not be used as a reference.
 In the Analysis section, you should critically assess authors’ premises, logic of inquiry and claims. You should inject your own thoughts on these authors’ analyses and the topic itself by the end of the Literature Review and in the Analysis section. The Analysis section should conclude with a statement on your own previously stated Hypothesis that should answer the question if your Thesis valid or not.

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