Answer these two steps please as the instructions below?

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Beginning in the late Miocene and into the early Pliocene, upright walking tendencies began to develop among the hominin tribe. Upright walking tendencies slowly transformed into obligate bipedalism during the pliocene within the hominin lineage. This shift in locomotor strategy is notably marked by the gradual change in arm to leg ratio that we see when comparing early and later hominins. Early hominins have short legs and very long arms while later hominins have longer legs and short arms.

What you have to do:

Your task for this activity will be to compare and contrast the locomotor strategies of the following three hominin species: Ardipithecus ramidus, Australopithecus afarensis and Homo erectus. You will accomplish this by answering the following questions.

Use the following resource for Ardipithecus (Links to an external site.) (Click)

Use the following resource for Australopithecus (Links to an external site.) (Click)

Use the following resource for Homo erectus (Links to an external site.) (Click)

Before you begin make sure view all relevant reading material so that you can give me informed opinions.

1. Which hominin had the best arboreal capabilities? Make sure you explain your answer by talking about only one feature that backs up your claim. Choose only one feature from the lower extremities (Legs and feet).

2. Which hominin was the first to have feet that are effective for habitual bipedalism? Briefly explain what makes their feet more effective for bipedalism when compared to previous hominins.

3. Which hominin had the best anatomy for running on two legs? Briefly explain how you would know and tell me about two specific skeletal features that suggest that your chosen species was running on two legs.

4. Lastly, I would like you to give a short summary of the notable evolutionary changes in locomotor strategy (the way that you move around) that you notice occur over time as seen from the perspective of Ardipithecus ramidus, Australopithecus afarensis and Homo erectus.

Second: in the attachment document

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