Advanced pharmacology

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Support your responses with scholarly academic references using APA style format. Reference shoulder be no more than five years old.

Gami is a 48-year-old who you discover when completing a health
history is taking cinnamon to treat Type II Diabetes. She is
specifically using cassia Cinnamon. You also discover that she is taking
Ginseng to assist with memory. Her prescribed medications are Aricept
and Coumadin.

Ms. GM is a 48-year-old who presents to your clinic to establish
care. During the health history, you learn that she has a history of
Type II Diabetes. When asked about prescription and non-traditional
medications, she reports being prescribed Aricept, Coumadin, Cassia
cinnamon for Type II Diabetes and Ginseng for memory.

  1. Is there any additional subjective or objective information you need for this client? Explain.
  2. What would be your position on the Ms. GMs use of alternative
    supplements for her diabetes and memory? Explain and include
    contraindications, if any.
  3. Are there any additional test/assessments you would complete for this patient given this list of medications? Explain.
  4. How might your treatment plan, in terms of medications, differ for
    this patient? Include the class of the medication, mechanism of action,
    route, the half-life; how it is metabolized in and eliminated from the
    body; contraindications and black box warnings.
  5. What health maintenance or preventive education is important for this client based on your choice medication/treatment?

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