Worksheet on Orgs Tramatic events

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might find it useful to work on the questions while you read and view the
assigned materials.

pts for each worksheet—40 pts total.

each question thoroughly and in full sentences.

not copy and paste answers, you will receive a zero for any answer that is
lifted directly from the text. If more than one answer is lifted directly from
the text, you will receive a zero for the entire worksheet assignment.

save as a Word.doc or PDF and insert as a file in the drop box found under the
link labelled MODULE # DROP BOX.


1.What is the Purpose of a THIRA? (2pts)

2.Identify, and describe the THIRA process

3.Explain why communities should only
focus on plausible threats. How are plausible threats given context? (2pts)

4.Identify and briefly describe the 8
Core Actions of Psychological First Aid. (2pts)

5.Identify and briefly describe the
purpose of the National Response Framework (NRF) (2pts)

6.Who are the identified stakeholders?
What are their roles? (2pts)

7.Traumatic events are either manmade,
technological, or natural events. What risks (within this context) are
identified in the NRF documents? (2pts)

8.What are the three major components
of NIMS? What are the fundamental concepts? (2pts)

9.Why is an Incident Command and
Coordination plan important? (2pts)

10.What are some key points related to
communities coping with grief after traumatic events? (2pts)

Bonus Questions (optional):

A.Name four effects of trauma (1pt)

B.What are the five phases of disaster?

C.What percentage of people who
experience trauma are diagnosed with PTSD? (1pt)

Chapter readings attached

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