The depression disorder

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  1. The paper shall have a title page with the topic title, course title and your personal information. The design can be any of your choosing.
  2. There must be a personal connection to the topic. This can be addressed on the 1st page and through out the paper.
  3. The body of the paper must be at least 5 pages single spaced or equivalent.
  4. First page can be personal insights (connection) to the topic with the second, third and fourth pages filled with the information you have gathered about the topic. The fifth page can be continued info with some personal conclusion about the topic.
  5. The writing need use MLA format.
  6. There shall be a separate page at the end citing all sources and references. You should have at least 3 sources. Make an effort to find scholarly sources.
  7. So the total pages including title and reference pages would be seven if the main body was single spaced.

The personal connection to the topic can be divided two point:

1: One of my closest friend in middle school has the depression disorder. I was not notice at all until he told me.It was only then that I realized the severity of depression, and at the same time I learned about some of the symptoms and how we prevent adjustments and how to communicate with people with depression

2: As international student, we have to deal the new friend circle, new living life and other challenge. In the crowd of international students, the number of depression is much higher than we thought.How to prevent it as a international student is also an important reason why I chose this topic

(I can work on and fix the personal connection by myself later)

The three source about the topic will be primary work. I need that to do a presentation in two days

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