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Can you please write a reply/thoughts for each of the below answers that were written:

1.) In my 46 years of living on this earth, the assumption that is typically made is that restrooms in a building are used by the general public that are occupying the building for a specific purpose. Most of the multi-stall and multi-urinal restrooms are gender specific via door labeling, and there are a few single occupancy restrooms scattered around most buildings are gender neutral. Growing up, the only time that I ever saw the opposite sex in a gender specific bathroom was when a mother would take their young son into the women’s bathroom, or when a father brought his young daughter into the men’s room if the child was left in his care. As a whole, society generally complied with the rules that were given.

It is my opinion that there are those who are pushing society to be accepting of the individual choices that they have made. The guidelines that I grew up on are being challenged and viewed as archaic and insensitive. Everyone wants to challenge every fabric of this great country as being discriminatory. It’s kind of like saying that because you received a bad grade on an assignment, the teacher must not like you. We spend too much time trying to imitate TV and are easily led as if social media was the Holy Bible.

I guess I’m not surprised about the whole restroom thing. What has surprised me is the battle that has been raised about this subject and our schools. Someone will have to explain to me what seven year-old is focused on identifying with any other gender except the one that represents the skin that they are in. For goodness sake, they can barely add. Who has been having that kind of conversation with them, and why? I’m not sure what would make using a bathroom base on what gender you identify with a privilege. All I know is that there were a lot of men more focused on sitting down instead of standing at the urinal or in the stall, but I guess that’s a conversation for another day.

Fear of reprisal from special interest groups and reduction of government funds are two things that come to mind. Nobody wants to be on the news for appearing biased toward anyone. Common sense doesn’t seem to be a factor in any decisions being made, just not upsetting anyone.

2.) When including restrooms within a building in the United States it is typically assumed that there is a need for labels on the restrooms. It is also assumed that there is a need for separate restrooms according to gender. The types of accommodations within these separate restrooms are also an assumption on who will be utilizing these restrooms and have an expectation on how genders are supposed to behave.

 These assumptions shine a light on our society as a whole and the biases and beliefs that have shaped it in to what it is today. Our society often times attempts to categorize and compartmentalize its individuals to make them fit in to a mainstream ideal and also has a tendency to fear what it does not completely understand. Often times, people are shunned or excluded because they do not fit in to the stereotypes that have been taught.

Prior to this class, I have followed the bathroom gender frenzy that has been taking place throughout our country. I feel that I am privileged to not have to worry when I go to the restroom that someone may question if I am in the right place. I could not imagine the concern that accompanies people who do not fit in to one of these two preset categories.

After reading several articles in regards to the East-Aurora school board overturning their decision to create protections for transgender students, it is evident that they were swayed by outside pressure to repeal their original decision. I can’t help but to think that this may reinforce bias and condone the isolation and discrimination against the transgender students.

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