Green sand casting lab report (2 pages)

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Green sand Casting (Lab Report)

The lab is intended to accomplish three goals:

1-To introduce students to the practice of foam casting through casting student designed part based on a theme intrduce in class.

2-To practice the identification of casting defects.

3-To practice the safety and other rules related to working in a foundry environment.

Select: a symbol. (final design maybe an inspired interpretation of the original image)

The design constraints:

Overall part dimension: 3” x 3” [or if needed 3” x 4”] with an overall height less than 6” including sprue.

Layers: Three distinct layers with at least two being of approximately 0.5” thickness

Design theme: Pick a symbol from the provided list

Task: Teams must submit a hand-drawn dimensioned rendering of the selected symbol (listing all team members’ signatures) of the intended design to the instructor in order to begin work.

Create: from Styrofoam the three layered design (ideally each team member implements a layer)

Assemble the layers (including sprue) using glue gun

Coat assembled design with plaster of Paris in preperation for casting the part using aluminum.

Cast part: using playground sand

Remove: the cast part after it is cooled from the sand.

Cut: the attachments from the part, grind and polish if necessary.

Your report should investigates different aspects of the process that you performed in the lab and provide extensive write up on areas such as cooling, defects, and design.

Please make sure that you have read the lab work rules and regulations before you start working in the lab. It is important that you follow these instructions in order to obtain the maximum points allowed for this assignment.

Compare the measurements of your finished product with the pattern that you used and explain the differences.

Discuss the defects that you observe in the finish products and suggest methods to eliminate them.

Your grade for this assignment is a combination of some general evaluation guidelines and some specific ones related to this assignment.

General Guidelines

How well the team worked together

Whether the team members observed the safety rules, and other rules as explained in the Lab Work document.

Whether the team progress was on a uniform basis or most of the work was done at the end.

Whether the team followed the rules set for the lab work or not.

The quality of the report, presentation, and demonstration

Specific Guidelines

The quality and presentation of the research data.

Whether all team members were present during lab experiment.

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