criminal justice class assignment

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Answer at least seven of the questions below

please read the attached reading and answer at least 7 of the question below

CJ 605 study questions: From Law Enforcement to Protection? Interactions Between Sex Workers and Police in a Decriminalized Street-Based Sex Industry by Lynzi Armstrong (2017)

1. Read the abstract and introduction. What is the research question? What are the main findings?

2. Describe two opposing perspectives on the criminalization of clients (571).

3. Why are street-based sex workers more vulnerable than indoor workers (572)?

4. Describe the laws about street based sex work in the UK, New Zealand, and the Australian State of New South Whales (572-73).

5. How does criminalization affect sex workers’ ability to screen clients (573)?

6. How does criminalization affect the relationship between police and sex workers (573)?

7. Describe New Zealand’s Prostitution Reform Act and how it affected street-based sex workers (574).

8. According to Armstrong, what are two ways in which decriminalization has empowered sex workers (577)?

9. A. How did decriminalization affect the police’s ability to engage with sex workers?

B. How did decriminalization affect that police’s murder investigation (578)?

10. How does threat of arrest affect sex workers’ willingness to report violence?

11. Why are sex workers unlikely to involve the police in a context where clients are criminalized (580)?

12. How does decriminalization affect police departments’ ability to respond to corruption and misconduct (582)?

13. How does decriminalization affect the likelihood that perpetrators of violence against sex workers will be held accountable, according to Armstrong (584)?

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