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Question description

Assmann, J. (2008). Communicative and cultural memory. In A. Erll & A. Nunning (Eds.), Cultural Memory Studies: An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook (pp. 109-118). Retrieved from the ebrary.

“Communicative and Cultural Memory,” Jan Assmann draws on his own
classic work “Collective Memory and Cultural Identity” to analyze a
concept he calls “cultural memory.”

In two to three pages(excluding title and reference pages),
explain in your own words what cultural memory is and apply this
concept to literature. How does literary representation of historical
events help create our sense of cultural identity? Cite Assmann and
other authors, as appropriate, to support your argument.

Steps to Complete the Assignment:

  1. In
    the ebrary database, which is located in the Ashford University
    Library, find J. Assmann’s article, “Communicative and Cultural Memory,”
    which is on pages 109 through 118 in the anthology, Cultural Memory Studies: An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook, edited by A. Erll & A. Nunning.
  2. Read the article for an understanding of Assmann’s concept of “cultural memory.”
  3. Next, explain in your own words, the meaning of cultural memory as you understand it.
  4. Then,
    apply the concept of cultural memory to the assigned literature by
    explaining how literary representation of historical events helps create
    our sense of cultural identity. Make sure you understand the concepts of “narrative representation” and “cultural identity.”
  5. Cite
    page referenced examples from the primary texts (literature assigned by
    your instructor) and secondary texts (Assman’s article) to support your
  6. Use in-text and reference citations in APA style. Plagiarism will not receive payment.

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