Common Area Observation (School Observation)

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This is a summary of the assignment. Attach is the Rubric please read entire document a follow the rubric.

Assignment Title: Common Area Observation Our Task This Week: For this week’s written assignment, you will analyze a provided profile of a school and observations made in its cafeteria to complete a special situations analysis. You will identify areas of strength and weakness and create an action plan with recommendations for improving the overall functioning and management of this setting.

Here Are Tips, Class, On Top Performance: You’ll want to provide a complete analysis of the environment and your thoughts as a school leader seeking to reduce the likelihood of discipline and bullying situations.

Yes, I know the scenario details are skeletal— But you have much to discuss!

 Clarify your perceptions of the strengths and/or weaknesses of this setting in light of its potential to create or alleviate disciplinary problems.

 Discuss information needed to further diagnose the environment and what those facts could tell you.

 You have the luxury in this assignment of presenting and discussing any assumptions you feel are warranted—-as long as your assumptions don’t conflict with provided case information. Just explain why that assumption is important to your analysis.

 Connect what you see here to your own school or teaching environment.

Document Content Guidelines for This Assignment:

• Begin this and all of our written assignments by referring to your Written Assignment Rubric for comprehensive guidelines on scholarly, professional writing. You’ll want to keep in mind that the cornerstone of scholarly and professional writing is clear, informative, organized, and appropriately-formatted content.

• In keeping with APA parameters, and as described within your Canvas assignment, you will include the required

 Introduction

 Body

 Conclusion

• Utilize as headings within your submission, the prescribed headings and subheadings highlighted in green within the guidelines below.

• Respond thoroughly, at minimal, as directed by the yellow-highlighted, red-bolded requirements below.

• A “well-developed” paragraph, for our purposes, is regarded as one containing six to eight carefully-written, clear, fully descriptive sentences. A “brief” paragraph, for our purposes, is regarded as one containing four to five carefully-written, clear, fully-descriptive sentences.

• You may always provide more, but not less, than the stipulated number of paragraphs.

• May I exceed that asked of me? While you must address the questions of each Template, don’t allow yourself to be constrained to ONLY the questions posed there. I urge you to feel free to ‘think outside of the box’ as you reflect on new and novel approaches to solving the common problems we encounter each day as teachers. You may always move beyond the questions proposed here. While the Template delineates much of your formatting, never let it constrain your discussion. You may always submit more written content, but not less than that stipulated in your Template.

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