Assignment 11 Pre-Internship Paper Synthesis

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The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in organizing your final paper by linking your pre-internship experience to the theories, models, concepts and topics covered in this course. By completing the table below, you will begin to ‘cross the bridge’ from classroom to community setting while integrating what you’ve learned by synthesizing key concepts into your final paper. The more effort you expend on completing this assignment, the easier it will be for you to write your paper. I’m looking forward to reading about your journey!

As a side note, Assignment 10 (reflection) and this Assignment 11 (organization) serve as useful steps in successfully writing term papers long after this course ends. Often, students don’t allow sufficient time to reflect and organize their thoughts and resources prior to writing their paper. It is my intent that by taking time to do these assignments, you will gain a better understanding and application of the paper writing process. I HIGHLY recommend reviewing the grading rubric, and paper template to guide you in determining what you will discuss in your paper.This process requires you to go back to the first weeks of class to locate resources and references as you ‘connect the dots’ from theory (course content) to field work (what you observed or are inferring from your setting or video field work) to the critical representation in the final paper.

Students completing the video alternate version of this assignment: Resist the temptation to do a ‘book report’ of the videos. I am not looking for a film synopsis. Rather, reflect upon your video field work to make the connection (actual or inferred) between what you viewed in the documentary and what the prompts are asking you. The objective is to link what you saw and/or are inferring to specific course content – the same as the traditional version of this assignment. Students in prior semesters failing to do this essential step ended up with ‘book reports’ that did not sufficiently link to course content. It is your job to build a bridge between video field work and course content.

Please take the time to ensure your citations and references are properly formatted. There are many outstanding resources on D2L to guide you in APA writing; many students find the OWL Purdue website simple, searchable, and easy to navigate

Please complete the following synthesis table; it is perfectly acceptable to use short phrases, bullet points and any other format that best supports your process. Please add lines as needed to fully outline your paper.

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