religion comment ( easy)

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I think there are several historical occurrences that contributed to the creation of denominations in the Christian tradition. Christianity is a faith based on the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus (Fisher, 2014). There were small groups not part of the “Christian Church” who were considered non-influential until around the 16th century. The Christian faith originally revolved around the Catholicism. One of the historical occurrences that was a huge contribution was the Protestant Reformation the reformed the Roman Catholic Church which caused different divisions. Another was the Great Schism that divided the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. Throughout history there have been several different denominations that have went their separate ways believing in differential ways of life and considered a Christian faith. I think that denominations help and hinder Christian tradition. The reason I feel this way is because this allows an individual to research and visit different denominations that enable them to follow a religion that goes along with their own beliefs. I do think that being a Christian is not about religion but instead about the relationship you have with Christ but, the different denominations allows for individuals that ability to find a church that fits and meets their needs. The one reason I think it could be a hindrance is if a non-believer decided to visit a church that was not “fit for them”. If a non-believer isn’t aware of the differences and do not put in the time to have an understanding, they may be turned away from a potential relationship with Christ due to the fact of not having a pleasant experience with one specific denomination.

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