please read 3 research papers, and evaluate them

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You need to evaluate each paper and write separate evaluation forms.

I need 1 evaluation papers for each students research paper.

you need to read each student research paper, and then write an evaluation paper.

so, there are 3 students’ research paper, so I need total 3 pages. (1 papers for each students’ research paper)

I will attach rubric for how to evaluate each student’s paper and 3 students’ research paper.

Your evaluations should follow 5 criteria: (1) purpose, (2) content, (3) organization, (4) writing quality, (5) Integration. You can check the details for each criterion in evaluation form. Also, you have to provide comments or recommendations for each criterion even for “outstanding (full points)”.

Remember, you are not judging the merit of or your personal interest in the work. Your role is to provide thoughtful and sufficiently detailed evaluation as a reviewer.

Here are some advice on how to evaluate paper:

(1) Point out strengths as well as the weakness of the paper

(2) There’s no need to be rude; be respectful

(3) Be sure that your comments are clear and text-specific so that writer will know what you are referring to (e.g., there is typo in second paragraph of the page 3; “appel >> apple”)

(4) As a reader, raise questions that cross your mind, points that may have not occurred to your peer author

(5) Reread your comments before passing them on to your peer; make sure all your comments make sense and are easy to follow

if you have any question, please let me know.

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