Participatory Action Research PowerPoint on Poverty and homelessness among communities of color in DC

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Your first assignment is to utilize your information in creating a PowerPoint to share your insights with the class. This presentation will present your PAR plan focused on the local community issue. It will include the history of the issue, the participants in the community, purpose of the program, resources, et cetera, involved in this community topic you have chosen. You were to make contact with local stakeholders to better understand the issue and background and goals for this specific community program or concern. Who are the key players in this issue? How could participants be recruited? What methods of retrieving information from participants would you use? Who are the stakeholders and how will information be provided to them in different ways addressing culturally diverse perspectives and interest levels of the community?

Your PowerPoint must include:

  • Introduction to the issue or history of development.
  • Literature review.
  • Populations of interest involved in the issue.
  • Cultural and diversity issues related to historical anthropology of participants.
  • Resources utilized to gather information.
  • Types of information that would provide important information for your plan, professional expertise, and training that will complement your work.
  • Results of the information gathering. This is a prediction on your part as you have not been able to complete an actual PAR but are only proposing a PAR for this particular concern.
  • Reports and communication to stakeholders. This is also a prediction on your part as you have not been able to complete an actual PAR but are only proposing a PAR for this particular concern.
  • The presentation should be a minimum of 20 slides in length, including 10 scholarly resources on the last slide, in APA format. Data and information gathered through collaboration with community participants, including stakeholders, grassroots organizations, agencies, education systems, et cetera. should be provided on the slides. Remember that a PowerPoint is not a “paragraph” but a presentation format that will allow you to expand on the topics you are presenting.
  • Presenter notes for each slide are required when creating the PowerPoint.

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