Hamlet character slideshow

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create a presentation about your character (Ophelia) in Act 4 based on the questions in the attached handout. You can use any format that will effectively communicate your information. Whatever your platform, please make it clear in a title page, caption, credit, what class you are in and who is in your group.

HamletCharacter Committees
As you read Act 4,

respond to the questions listed below on a separate sheet of paper/document. After Spring Break, you will “meet” with other students who studied the same character to prepare a ten-minute presentation on your character. This presentation should be informative and insightful. You may use any format that appeals to your group as long as your presentation includes the information asked for in the following questions. As usual, any conclusions you draw must be supported with textual references. Remember that the answers to the questions will provide you only with the raw data for your presentation. Your job is to assemble the data into an interesting and informative presentation.

Character Questions:

  1. What new information did you learn about your character in Act 4?
  2. In each scene where your character appears, what is his or her motivation and objective? In other words, what does he or she really want? (Sometimes this will be difficult to determine)
  3. How does your character feel about the events in Act 4? About Hamlet?
  4. What do other characters say about your character and how do they react to him or her? How does your character feel about other characters?
  5. How does your character affect the events of each scene in which he or she appears? How is he or she affected by the events of each scene in which he or she appears?
  6. How is your character important to this act? In other words, do you learn something new about the plot through him or her? Is the plot furthered by his or her actions? Do you gain any insights about Hamlet by comparing/contrasting him to your character?
  7. What questions are raised by your character’s words and/or behavior in this act?
  8. What questions that you’ve probably had are answered by your character’s words and/or behavior in this act?

You will be graded on the following criteria: Creativity/Originality & Presentation (15 points) and Content (20 points).

Our character is OPHILIA

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