Government Policy Paper & discussion post that goes with the paper.

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Discussion post (8.1)

After you have posted and received class feedback, be sure to add this to the next section on your policy paper. Please see the information about your paper provided at the beginning of the course.

Reflection: Reread your first policy post from week and answer the following questions: 1) What surprised you most as you delved into your particular problem area? 2) Do you plan to continue working on this problem and, if so, how do you plan to go about it? 3) What did you learn from the process of researching real world policy, political mechanisms for change, and political actors? 4) How have the skills learned in this project or in the course as a whole relate to other aspects of your life?

Policy paper

You will evaluate efforts to solve the problem you are working on. Consider efforts to solve or make progress on the problem by government, civic associations, industry, private individuals or some combination thereof. The paper may be in one of two categories: success stories, where the effort was more or less successful but still needs work, and failure stories, where the effort did not work, or at least did not meet expectations.

1. Briefly describe social problem you are addressing with specific examples to illustrate why it is a problem.

2. Evaluate laws, legal entities, and legal policies which are necessary to consider in addressing the problem.

3. Identify significant efforts that have been undertaken to solve the problem? Be sure to identify who, what, when, and where.

4. In some detail, describe one particular solution effort, its goals and mechanisms. Be sure to use political science concepts.

5. Identify structural or legal barriers that the solution had to overcome in order to further progress or that it could not overcome which limited progress. Be as specific as you can.

6. Using the lesson(s) learned from your example of success or failure, make a logical next-step policy recommendation on how to proceed to make further progress on improving the conditions of the social problem you have chosen.

Be sure to format your paper and cite references according to MLA or APA formatting. Your paper should be approximately 3-5 pages in length, 12-font, in a standard academic format such as Times New Roman or Arial.

Policy Evaluation Rubric Exceeded – The student met all of the requirements Met – The student met more than 50% of the requirements Did not meet – The student attempted the requirements, but s/he did not meet the minimum expectations to fully articulate this portion of the paper Did not attempt
The student described the social problem addressing specific examples to illustrate why it is a problem. 3 2 1 0
The student evaluated laws, legal entities, and legal policies necessary to consider in addressing the problem. 3 2 1 0
The student identified significant efforts undertaken, (who, what, when and where), to solve the problem. 3 2 1 0
The student described one effort in detail and why it was a success or failure. 3 2 1 0
The student identified structural or legal barriers overcome to further progress or not overcome to limit progress. 3 2 1 0
The student described a logical next-step policy proposal to advancing progress based on the above requirements. 3 2 1 0
The student used appropriate syntax and grammar. 3 2 1 0
The student used either MLA or APA formatting correctly. 3 2 1 0

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