Cultural consideration is very important for social workers and health professionals in assessing the health of women worldwide

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Cultural consideration is very important for social workers and health professionals in assessing the health of women worldwide. Asian-Americans are among the most diverse population with roots tracing back to Far East, Indian subcontinent or Asia. As with other minority groups, Asian-American face language barriers which can interfere in the provision of quality care and can also limit their prospects of communicating their problems effectively to health care professionals. Health assessment criteria for young and middle-age adults differ as they have different levels of understanding and responding to the knowledge shared with them.

  Considering the patient, Sue Li, 20 years old, the chief cultural considerations should be to put the patient at ease. Being young, Sue would be more comfortable with an open, honest conversation so that should be ensured of. Secondly, clarifying the needs of the patients and what prompted them to seek help should be clarified. While taking the history of the patient, use of pharmaceutical products and traditional medicines should be asked about. Asian Americans may exhibit stoicism, so question regarding substance abuse, history of mental illness, psychiatric symptoms such as depression should be asked by the physician. Her privacy must be ensured and explanations of illness or problem should be tailored in a manner appropriate to the Asian culture (Ngo‐Metzger et al., 2003).

  The abuse assessment screening is the tool for detection and referral of abuse in pregnant women, utilized by the medical staff. In case of discovery of abuse, it is very important to ensure the safety of the abused and separating them from the abuser. They should be given the appropriate medical attention and authorities must be contacted to handle the situation (“The Abuse Assessment (The Abuse Screen)”, 2016). For Asian women like Sue, it is very difficult to share their problems and physical abuse is embarrassing for them, so they might pretend that nothing is wrong. Moreover, Asian-Americans may consider abuse common especially in marriages so they may never report the issue. It is important to gain the trust of the abused victims of different culture in order to better address their needs.

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