Peer replies should be a minimum of 130 words, include at least 1 direct question and add value to the discussion

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STUDENT1: Danique

A good evaluation question must be reasonable and appropriate. It must address concerns of stakeholders and must provide meaningful information once time has been divested in the data collection. To be appropriate means to be relevant and attainable for seeking answer or resolve. The answerable questions have performance dimensions that are realistic to the program. The information can be gathered internally or use other social science and research to support evaluation as to the programs impact. A good question will require an assessment of the program process, program outcome, efficiency and question the overall theory of the program. Forcing those involved to ask the basic question of the specific need of the program. Our lesson states a question in a evaluation should be reliable, valid, interpret able and meaningful.

My experience with proposing an appropriate evaluation question was
in regards to the Sexual Assault in the military. I learned that a
complex problem, could not be confined to the stats of annual reporting.
I learned that the data available did not provide the answer of whether
sexual assault was increasing but brought information regarding the
changes in program that attributed to the increased in reporting’s.

My evaluation question: Are Foster Care Programs in Washington State
following best practices in regards to children aging out of the system?

Is question Objective: Yes, research on non-profit national
organizations can be researched to learn best practices. A comparison of
process can be conducted identifying if all best practices are
implemented why and why not.

Is question Subjective: Yes, its subjective to the entire state, but can be reduced to city or county for more specificity.

STUDENT 2: William

Good Day Classmates,

Black, Henley & Clute (2014) did an examination of 715 Army service
contractor performance reports in contractor performance assessment
reporting system (CPARS) to find answers to several questions, but the
question most interesting to me was as follows: Are government
contracting professionals submitting contractor performance narratives
in accordance with CPARS guidelines. Currently assigned the roles and
responsibilities as an alternate focal point and have in the past been
an Assessing Official Representative in CPARS. It was not surprising
that the Naval Postgraduate School thesis revealed that government
contracting professionals needed to work on the performance narrative
being built upon objective data and the Assessing Officials were better
at writing narratives for unsuccessful vice successful contractors.

OUSD(AT&L) (2003) states, “The keys to effective past performance
information are fairness, openness, and a commitment to using the
information as a tool to improve contractor performance”. The past
performance information (PPI) guide and the CPARS thesis referenced
below have good questions and guidance to assist government contracting
professionals in evaluating past performance for market research, source
selection, and existing contracts. The questions in the CPARS were
formulated by an Integrated Product Team of DoD representatives to
assist in the collection and utilization of past performance. Utilizing a
team of professionals to assimilate a series of good questions for
performance and evaluation is a good practice and helps to streamline
the evaluation process.

If the government sends out a questionnaire or conducts telephone
interviews, it is important that it is timely, consist with the
solicitation, and well documented. There are times that this is not the
case and contractors have a reason to file a protest. It is a good
practice to write out questions for contractors and have the government
legal advisor and peer review the questions before releasing to the
contractors. In my experience a good appraisal and evaluation question
is an open-ended question relevant and in-line with the
contracting/acquisition process for the specific requirement that cannot
simply be answer by a Yes or No. For example, instead of asking a
contractor if they can do a job, ask the contractor how they plan on
doing the job and explain any past jobs of similar work.



Black, S., Henley, J., & Clute, M. (2014). Determining the value of
contractor performance assessment reporting system narratives for the
acquisition process. Naval Postgraduate School. Retrieved from

of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and
Logistics. (2003). A guide to collection and use of past performance
information. Retrieved from

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