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Please answer the one question listed below the scenario. Thank you!

CC AB is 63 year-old obese female who presents to the general medicine clinic with a 3-day history of urinary frequency and dysuria.

PMH:  AB has a long history of Type II diabetes, which has been poorly controlled on glipizide.  AB was most recently treated 1 month prior to this visit with a 10 day course of sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim DS  for an E. coli UTI.  Six weeks prior to the E. coli infection she was treated for another UTI with a single 3 gram dose of amoxicillin.  This will be her third UTI in 6 months.

Glipizide (Glucotrol) XL 5mg QD

Physical Examination:
GEN: obese female in no apparent distress
VS:  BP 140/85, HR 70, Temp 37, RR 13, Wt. 85kg
HEENT: normal
CHEST: clear
COR:  normal
ABD:  soft, non-tender, no flank pain
GU:  no discharge, no vaginal itching
EXT:  decreased pulses in both feet, tingling feet and toes
NEURO:  alert and oriented x3


Na 140

Cl 100

BUN 27

BG 280

K 4.0

CO2 26

SCr 1.8

WBC 7,000 no left shift
UA:  > 40 bacteria with HPF, 20-30 WBC per HPF, nitrite positive

Urine culture:  pending

  1. What bacteria pathogens do you suspect?

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