I need these CCJS question answered

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Question 1

What challenges does law enforcement face today, and in the future, due to the advancement of technology? Why? Support you response with cited outside research.

Question 2

A common approach to addressing ethical dilemmas involves the “front-page test.” This is a quick ethics test that asks whether you would feel comfortable with your decision if your action was published on the front page of a newspaper. The thought behind this test is — if you would not want your action to be publicized, there might be an ethical problem with your decision.

Utilize Internet search engines to identify a scenario that directly or indirectly relates to a topic we discussed this semester (i.e., an ethical transgression involving a criminal justice practitioner). Would the criminal justice practitioner’s actions pass the “front page test”? Thoroughly explain your answer.

Remember to cite your supportive resources.

Question 3

Question One (before Thursday): Here is your next-to-the-last question . . . indeed, the only question that really matters: What is the single most useful and important thing you’ve learned in this entire class about current issues in Criminal Justice?

Don’t forget to respond to at least two fellow students’ post for both questions one and two.

Question Two (after Wednesday): How do you plan to use what you’ve learned in this class “out there?”

Please Note: This is different from all past similar questions because this time you may consider the class as a total learning experience. In other words, you may consider the weekly readings, the Discussion Participation, the Group Project, the other assignments, interaction with your fellow learners and/or the professor, or anything else that relates to the course.

Be substantive, quote sources, really make a case as to why it is of use and why it is important to you – then use the internet to find at least one related scholarly article from an authoritative source that confirms, or disconfirms, any key concepts you may choose. Upload a copy of the article to your response, or provide a link to the article.

Question 4

For the mini-essay, I’d like for you to provide a reflective response to “how effective has Texas been in reducing recidivism among their juveniles.” From your reading you will see how Texas incorporates treatment programs in addressing delinquency. You can use additional sources to assist you formulating your thoughts.

For this essay, no in-text citations or direct quotes are required. This should be a (approximately 200 to 300 words) reflective analysis in your own words.

I look forward in reading your responses.

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