Choose an event in history that you would have liked to witness and or a person that you would like to interview–the person in question must be long dead and not a sports figure.

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Choose an event in history that you would have liked to witness and or a person that you would like to interview–the person in question must be long dead and not a sports figure.

2) Choose 3 sources relating to that person or event—you can choose books, journal articles etc.—but no Wikipedia. And you must have one “primary source”. A primary source is a first-hand account of events, people etc.—it is an original and direct source that is not amended by another party. Examples include letters, autobiographies, diaries, maps, paintings etc. You will need to verify your primary source with the history student tutor, Katy Elmore, or me. You can find Katy in the Old Science Building in Room 104-C. Her email is, and her office hours are:

Monday 1:00-5:00 pm

Tuesday 12:30-5:30

Wednesday 1:00-7:00

Thursday 12:30-5:30

3) Write at least a one page essay over the event or person you have chosen. If you choose, for example, Julius Caesar’s assassination—wrote a short (at least one page) essay about the event. If you choose a person to interview write a brief biography of that person. The second part of the paper will be why you chose the event a or the person and what is your interest in that person or event. The answer cannot be lame such as “I have always been interested in Julius Caesar”. The 3rd part of the assignment will be the sources you chose and if they were useful or not. Offer some analysis on the sources. The whole assignment should be at least two full pages or more with normal inch margins on the paper and 12 font. Include your sources at the end of the paper.

4) Hand in your assignments in by Tuesday, November 26 by 4:00 pm. NO ANDS, IFS, OR BUTS. I will not accept a late paper—you have nearly 4 weeks to do this and its only 2-3 pages long. This assignment should be IN YOUR OWN WORDS. If you have plagiarized your paper, it is worth nothing—you will lose all 50 points.

5) Example: I chose to write about George Washington’s Newburgh Address. This event came after the ARW, but before the Paris Peace Treaty had been signed. The speech kept the Continental Army soldiers from rebelling. I would write brief essay about George Washington and the events that led up to the Newburgh Address. For my primary source I could use the Newburgh address itself or find a contemporary’s comments about the address. And I could easily find a bio of GW that would have analysis of the Newburgh Address—and lots of articles. I would then write about why I would like to witness the event—it was probably one of GW’s finest moments during the long arduous campaign for American independence and it kept the country together. I would then write about my 3 sources I used.

I have also uploaded my essay on George Washington as an example you can read.

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