What would KANT or BETHAM or RAWLS say, philosophy homework help

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You can apply Kantian theory, Betham theory or Rawls theory
to the following case.

What would KANT or
BETHAM or RAWLS say we should do and why?

  • Apply two theories

  • Make an argument regarding which of the two
    theories you’ve applied is the one we should rely on to guide our behaviour

    (that is why choose to be guided by one
    theory rather than another? Prehaps one theory is harder to apply, or is unable
    to deal with morally relevant facts? Or perhaps both theories agree in which
    case you need not choose)

  • No need for citations

One Page in length


Sandra was recently promoted to a managerial position at her
company. With her new position, she is now responsible for overseeing the company’s
production factory, meaning approx. 50 factory workers now report to her. Although
Sandra previously works as an engineer and does not have any experience running
a factory, she is excited to begin her new position. She enjoys working for
this company, and has always respected their values of work-life balance. In
her previous position as an engineer, while there were occasional days where
she would be expected to stay late or work on a weekend, these were more than
made up for by days when everyone in her team left early and went to the pub.
She also enjoyed flex Fridays, and found the company’s willingness to allow her
a life outside of work refreshing.

However, at the end of her first day in her new role, Sandra
is confused to see her factory workers continuing to work well past the end of
their regular 8-hour shift. She went to the factory supervisor ( who reports to
her) to express concern because the factory does not have the budget to pay so
many workers overtime. They work on an hourly wage, not a salary. She also
expressed concern because this seems to go directly against the company’s
expressed values of striking a healthy work-life balance that she so enjoyed
when working as an engineer.

The supervisor smiled at Sandra and explained that the
factory meets production goals by making the factory workers work off the
clock. While this expectation is not formally written down in any contact, the
workers are well aware of this expectation and went along with it in order to
keep their jobs. Sandra is shocked to learn this illegal practice had become
part of the company culture, but the supervisor explains that the company CEO (who
is Sandra’s boss) is well aware of this expectation as well. Furthermore, if
this were not the unofficial company policy, the company would not be able to
meet its production obligation under the timelines required with its current

What would two ethical
theories say Sandra should do? Which theory should Sandra rely on to guide her
behaviour? Why?

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