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I have a short question from chapter six I will post it and I need you to do it please 

I will post it for you 

Read Case Study from the end of chapter six

Question-Would you have done what Olson did? What could he have done? What long range problems could result from Olson’s decision to survey the parents?

post a response of at least 250 words. 

Supervision and Evaluation—Case Study

Wayne Olson was in his second year as principal of Arcadia Elementary School. He was an effective principal, well regarded by teachers, students, parents, and the superintendent. He had been an outstanding teacher and his students always scored above the school average on both criteria-referenced and norm-referenced tests. Wayne was promoted to principal after he completed his academic coursework at the local university and his year-long internship at Arcadia Elementary. Wayne felt that his teachers were doing a very good job of teaching and he was eagerly awaiting the results of the statewide testing of his fourth grade students. When the results came back, Wayne was shocked to see that the scores were below average for Janet Wodjenski’s class. He knew that she was not his best teacher in the fourth grade, but he felt, when visiting her classroom, that the students and teacher were appropriately on-task. Wayne decided that he needed more information and talked to some of the students and to the teachers who taught Ms. Wodjenski’s students in the third grade. He also talked to Ms. Wodjenski. Nothing seemed to fit a pattern, but he was still concerned and decided to send a survey to the parents regarding their view of instruction in the classroom. Wayne did send a copy to Ms. Wodjenski on the same day he mailed it to the parents of the students.

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