risk management plan

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Please submit you personal risk management plan

The risk management report will include your project scope statement, the risk management plan (your approach to doing risk work) and your risk register (the risks, the analysis, risk response work, and re-analysis).

For Week 1, submitted a Project Scope Statement that you will use for the basis of your risk work this term.

You have worked on the Risk Management Plan of your Project Risk Management Report for your individual project. You may develop your own approach based on your organization’s best practices in project risk management and/or utilize effective processes/ tools/ techniques based on reading/ research you may do. Each week you will continue to work on the report, creating the deliverables that align with the content of that week. As we move through the term, you will continue to refine your risk management plan based on our conversations on the risk management process. You have also create dand refined your Risk Register.

Your assignment has been submitted each week based on the topics covered during the week – and turned in via the Turnitin . Each week you received faculty feedback (and a grade) on the submitted work. You have had the chance to Integrate this feedback into your assignment for your final submission. You have continued to work on the report through the term (integrating the feedback) and will submit the complete report at the end of Week 5.

Your Report should cover all the elements required for an effective risk work for your project. Use the readings and topics covered in class as a checklist to ensure that all the key elements are considered. Refer to Rubric in Syllabus section for grading guidelines. This should connect the formal work done through our lectures, readings, and discussion boards, as well as other research you may conduct.

The format for this report is a Word Document and should be 8 – 12 pages in length or in PPT . Cite any sources. The writing style should be concise and straightforward. Please use a 12 point font. The report is due on Week 5, Sunday by 11:59 p.m. There is no specified format for the report. Refer to the Rubric in the Syllabus section for additional criteria for evaluation.

Your report should include – at minimum:

Project Scope Statement

Risk Management Plan (approach to risk management)

Completed Risk Register (for risks being addressed) including (at minimum):

Risks identified – including how they were identified

Risk Analysis (show your work!) – explain why risks were rated as they are, what the analysis shows and next steps based on that

Risk Response Plan – and integration with your other project plan deliverables. Be sure to explain this very specifically – not just that the risk was mitigated and the strategy and its detail for that, but how the other planning deliverables have been changed based on that. Include a revised analysis of risk based on that response handling. The intent is to be sure the risk work is value added. Also be sure to identify and address secondary risks.

Risk Monitoring & Control Process (include in Risk Management Plan)

The final part of your risk management report should summarize how the risk work was done through the project. How were risks identified? How were the analyzed? How were response determined? Be sure to connect this to the risk management plan (these should align for your project) and the tools/techniques we discussed. Finally, provide a retrospective around how you feel this project has worked for your project and the value gained.

Please post any general questions that you might have on the Water Cooler so that the information can be clarified for everyone. Section 4 – Summary/ Lessons Learned/ Best Practices

I upload my project scope statement and my risk register, pls use these information to write the risk management report.

APA formatting, and the he report should be original. 8 – 12 pages.

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