Module 4 Assignments (Please read directions carefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Module 4 – Case


Margins & Sales Volume

Different industries have varied benchmarks for margins. For example in restaurants alcohol margins are usually much higher than food margins. In other industries, margins are affected by seasonal demand.

Industry Research and Application

Research your product/service’s industry with regard to mark-ups and contribution margins.

  • Describe the industry
  • Discuss the margins and markups on goods or services
  • Discuss other economic factors that affect the mark-ups
  • What marketing techniques can companies use to support the pricing schemes that support their margins?

Use research from quality graduate-level resources and at least two articles from Trident Library’s full-text databases like (Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete and/or Proquest Central). Stay away from consultant sites on the internet.

Do not use any quotations. Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite and reference the sources in APA format. The paper should be written in third person; this means words like “I”, “we”, and “you” are not appropriate. For more information see Differences Between First and Third Person.

Use the attached APA-formatted template (MKT501 Case4) to create your submission.

Assignment Expectations

Your submission will include:

  • Trident University International’s cover page
  • A 4- to 5-page paper with APA citations (2- to 3-sentence introduction, body, 2- to 3-sentence conclusion)
  • The reference list page in APA format

Module 4 – SLP


Session Long Project

You will create a final a marketing project using assignments you created during the class. It is not necessary to create new content other than an introduction and conclusion for the project; but you are required to address comments provided by your faculty member and make updates accordingly.

Using the template provided, complete the comprehensive SLP for MKT501. Since you have a series of different references lists for each assignment, you will need to combine them for this submission.

To make the work flow better, add a sentence at the end of each section or the beginning of the next to connect them.

SLP4: Strategic Marketing Plan

Product Overview
Product/Service Overview (used in your discussions)

Customer Profiling
Module 1: Week 1 Discussion Post.

Module 1: Week 2 Discussion Post.

Customer Demographics and Psychographics
Module 1: Case.

Customer Relationship Management
Module 1: Case.

Target Audience and Competition
Module 1: SLP (Application to Product/Service).

Societal Marketing
Module 2: Week 1 Discussion Post.

Creative Message
Module 2: Week 2 Discussion Post.

Segmentation Application
Module 2: Case.

Gap Analysis, Benchmarking and Competitive Advantage
Module 2: Case.

Competition, Segmentation, Positioning, Lifetime Value
Module 2: SLP. Must be reformatted and double-spaced.

Module 3: Week 1 Discussion Post.

Module 3: Week 2 Discussion Post.

IMC: Integrated Marketing Communications
Module 3: Case (Application).

Competition and Boosting online Presence
Module 3: SLP.

Module 4: Week 1 Discussion Post.

Perceived Value
Module 4: Week 2 Discussion Post.

Margins and Sales Volume
Module 4: Case.

Use the attached APA-formatted template (MKT501 SLP4) to create your submission.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your submission will include:

  • Trident University International’s cover page
  • A paper with APA citations (2- to 3-sentence introduction, body, 2- to 3-sentence conclusion)
  • The reference list page in APA format

The entire paper will vary in length based on what was previously submitted.

Module 4 – Background



Alternative Approaches to Determining Price (read all 5 links on the page)

Low-Margin Business vs. High-Margin

Know Your Sales Margins

Measuring the Impact of Economic Factors on Consumer Satisfaction and Pricing Perceptions


Transitional Devices

Guide to Transition Words and Sentence Samples

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