write suggestions about an essay for one page

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you need to write some suggestions about this essay for one page

Attached here is the peer review guide–it is intended to give you a sense of how to respond with comments on content and to help guide toward revision, rather than merely correcting, editing, or proofreading (those are included in the last points you might consider when reviewing, especially in terms of how it affects the overall content or clarity). You don’t necessarily need to cover every point, but try to offer comments that will substantively help your peer’s essay/thesis development and paragraph evidence.

In many ways, peer review is about reflecting on your own work: as your read others’ work, it may reveal some issues or give you ideas for your own approaches and revision–and these are certainly pertinent points you may include in your peer review reflection (which you will include at the end of your submitted essay draft).

For the peer review reflection, you should discuss how your peer’s suggestions informed revision and choices for changes you made in your draft, and perhaps to your thesis. You may also discuss how reviewing your peer’s writing helped you reflect on your own, and what suggestions you made that perhaps you incorporated into your own essay.

Peer Review Guide

Be sure to note in your messages (whether over email or a chat) to one another any sections in your respective essays where you have questions or problems, or would like your reviewer(s) to focus and make suggestions.

1.Please read your peer’s essay twice.

  • During your first read, please do so closely to get a sense of the writer’s main focus and supporting content.You may make a small notation, checkmark, or question mark where, for example, you find ideas which need clarification—but keep going.
  • On the second read, you may comment more fully on the general areas you noted in your first read.Does the writer contextualize their topic in the introductory paragraphs (not summarize the film, but rather an example or focused point that illustrates and leads toward the thesis)?Does their thesis include a clear argument—not only for what they will discuss, but also how/why/what they will show through their example points?

2.Make sure each paragraph is focused on the thesis; topic sentences should clearly imply what will be discussed in that paragraph (and how it speaks to the thesis).

  • Take note of any paragraph (or sentences) which strays from the thesis, seems too generalized or repetitive, or could use more support/description/direction.

3.Ask questions or make suggestions about organization, and further possible examples.

4.Are there areas where the writer might improve transitions between ideas/paragraphs? Paragraphs that might be condensed/combined—or broken into more than one paragraph?

5.If there is no conclusion yet, make suggestions for where the writer might be headed, or what they might include.If there is a conclusion: does it provide not only a brief overview or final “appeal,” but projections for the implications of the topic?Hint: the conclusion may refer back to earlier points in the paper, but it should not read the same as the introduction.

6.Is the paper MLA formatted?Are citations complete (see syllabus), and quotes appropriately introduced with signal phrases or otherwise integrated into a sentence?If applicable: is the Works Cited page complete and accurate, and includes the proper types of sources?

7.Make suggestions to improve grammar, punctuation, or spelling; also take note of informal language, wordy or run-on sentences, or repetition of words or phrases—especially if these issues impede the meaning the writer is trying to convey.

8.In your email responses, summarize your ideas for improving each other’s papers.

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