what is Philosophy of Religion, philosophy homework help

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Please answer the
following questions in an essay format, with maximum of 10 lines:

what is Philosophy of Religion, its fundamental question and concern?
Differentiate it with theodicy and Theology?

the ONTOLOGICAL APPROACH OF ANSELM to show that God exist? What is this
approach about? Provide the argument of Anselm showing that God exists—from his
philosophical name of God, to the analogy of the painter and to his conclusion?

the COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT of Aquinas in proving that God exists. How is this
different from the Ontological Argument by Anselm? Give at least 2 ways Aquinas
proves that there is a God by showing his observations? Provide also the names
of God for Aquinas from the various arguments?

and explain DESCARTES AND HUME’S CRITERION OF TRUTH? What is their starting
point and ending point? Which one is more credible source of truth? Describe
Descartes discoveries in meditation 1 and meditation 2? Describe Hume’s
discovery in analyzing statements of matters of fact and relations of ideas?

John Locke’s Representationalism? How can this explain the problem of the
bridge between the subject and the object in knowing? Explain Locke’s reasoning
about knowledge of THING  in itself—is it

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