Topic 1 DQ 1.1

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references

Health care reengineering is a powerful methodology that helps organizations reorder priorities, provide more cost-effective care and increase the value to customers. It should be driven by what the patient /customer wants and what the market needs. Nurse managers/leaders need strong communication and leadership skills. They should have appropriate coordinating skills, resources to achieve healthcare goals and objectives. They must be effective leaders who can strike a balance between working with nursing staff and the healthcare organization. Its imperative to have ethical decision making, both ethical and professional codes are needed to make sound decisions. Managers should also stay up to date with the legal aspects in the health care. Having legal knowledge will protect patients, staff members and the organization. They must stay engaged, support the work and provided resources to achieve the desired results of reengineering healthcare. A manager must be capable of rethinking how they view performance improvement. For example, it’s not a separate unit or department, it must become a way you work to survive in this complex healthcare environment. When dealing with patient lives we can’t continue to waste money and make simple mistakes. The role of a manager is a tough position because they play a vital part in advancing and keeping the healthcare system in motion. They stand for the bridge between the organization and the needs of the patients (Wood, 2012). Management will need to change the process to become more efficient, Lean Six Sigma is a program that incorporates the end user to help make the process of improvements (Wood, 2012). As the healthcare practices change, managers and leaders will face many new challenges. Leaders are responsible for maintaining a positive work environment that enables staff to provide quality care. Managers and leaders must also empower patients to speak up and take part in their care. When patients are allowed to manage their own care, they feel some autonomy and will in return have a sense of satisfaction. This satisfaction goes for nurses as well, when a transformational leader gives staff empowerment over their environment, the staff will experience more satisfaction in their careers (Kangasniemi, Vaismoradi, Jasper and Turunen, 2013). Major barriers to reengineering healthcare are the fear of change and the lack of confidence that the existing resources can meet the demand for care. Managers must create solutions that will embrace patients, staff and key stakeholders.


Kangasniemi, M., Vaismoradi, M., Jasper, M. & Turunen, H. (2013). Ethical issues in patient safety: Implications for nursing management. Nursing Ethics, 20(8), 904916. Doi:10.117710969733013484488

Wood, D. (2012). Providers re-engineering healthcare for greater efficiency. AMN Healthcare. Retrieved from

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