Is public shaming necessary in American society today?

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The argument is about “Is public shaming necessary in American society today?”.

Develop an argument whether you agree or disagree. My teacher wants me to make a video/vlog talking about that. So, im going to take the writing and make a video of it and talk it.

Here is what my teacher wants

Length: An argument that takes 5 – 6 minutes for the viewer to watch is expected.

Section Expectations:

  • An introductory section (at least 45 seconds) that identifies the topic and articulates your position on the issue.
  • A section that identifies key assumptions about your target audience, which is other members of this class. What attitudes, beliefs, and values might this group hold about public shaming that will inform your argument? (at least 45 seconds)
  • A section (at least 60 seconds) that establishes your credibility as a speaker on this issue. Think of this as similar to the literature review for Writing Project 2.
  • The development of your position (at least 120 seconds) on the question “Is public shaming necessary in American society today?”
  • A concluding section (at least 30 seconds) that considers the implications of this issue for a broader audience (in other words, one that is greater in scope than the 31 members of our class).

An argument that is successful will meet these requirements (70% of the grade for WP 3):

  • Introduce the issue in an engaging manner and articulate your thesis (10%).
  • Use appropriate rhetorical strategies exhibited by rhetors and described in texts we have used this semester to establish your credibility as a speaker on the issue. (25%).
  • Present your own argument, and support your own claims with reasons and evidence from your own research and reading (criteria 3 & 4 account for 25% together).
  • Use a variety of rhetorical strategies (for instance, findings from research or anticipating and addressing objections) as you develop your position.
  • Conclude by contemplating why this issue deserves attention from a broader audience (10%).

Other Requirements (these expectations account for 30 % together):

  • Integrate information from a minimum of 6 credible outside sources—document these sources at the end of your Part 3 text with a Works Cited page or slide.
  • While it will be difficult to adhere to MLA formatting for this assignment, be mindful that identifying sources is a key strategy for enhancing one’s credibility. Use appropriate strategies to accomplish this within your argument.
  • Use metacommentary to help you lay out your argument and increase your audience’s understanding of it.
  • Introduce and integrate material from outside sources efficiently and effectively.
  • Choices concerning tone, diction, organization, grammar, and punctuation are fitting for the audience identified above.

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