Dev. Psychology Research Design Proposal

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I have included some articles that I found. They should help.

Find a developmental angle.

Use the article provided to help with the research. Find articles with similar content to the ones referenced in the document.

TITLE: The affect of violent video games vs competitive games on children’s psychosocial health (if you have a better title, you can change it)


1. Title and Table of Contents

2.Research Abstract

Begin with a description of the research you select. This can include developmental concepts that cover biological, psychological, and cognitive variables and factors that underpin behavior and mental processes.

3.Literature Review

Summarize knowledge contributed by leading scholarly experts who have researched the topics relevant to the case. This lets your reader know what any expert looking at research such as this would expect to find and why.Use peer-reviewed journals for this since it specifically must meet scholarly requirements.

4.Research Question

Post an evidence-based analysis of the literature and present your research question, applying the expert knowledge gleaned from your research to help support your anticipated conclusions and recommendations. Focus on those aspects of the research that will allow you to apply and analyze theories related to your chosen Developmental Psychological concepts and their implications.From this, derive your hypotheses and explain them.

5.Research Design

Present your research design and justifications for the design based on your research question and your literature review. Describe the process and actions you propose for conduct of your research as well as the rationale for these activities.Incorporate best practices from other research that exists for your identified domain and also explain how you would guard against bias.

6.Expected Outcomes

Based on your analysis, discuss the outcomes that you expect from your research.Explain how these expected outcomes might predict future behavior based on your examination of the chosen Developmental Psychological concepts.Discuss what future direction research might take based on your outcomes.

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