M. Butterfly

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This is the essay after read the book

M. Butterfly

we can discuss any topic we want in the essay, but it should be clear.(for example, the thesis should include serval clear point. and then in the body paragraph should explain it)

Dear E110 students,

This week is the peer review forum for your M. Butterfly rough drafts. As you reflect back on your analysis in the previous forums, be sure to take your explanations the extra step to state the point that the passages show, asking the question “so what?” as you read and revise. In particular, you may want to think about how the play serves to examine a power struggle of gender and race, as well as the implications of stereotyping within this struggle. As many of you discussed, an examination of Gallimard’s self-deceit and Song’s deception is a representation of this struggle. I encourage you to reread the Afterword now that you have finished the play. The major points that Hwang explores in the play will be clearer now that you have a context for understanding them. And in general, be sure your paper is presenting an analysis of the text, rather than just a summary. Read and review your draft with an eye for this distinction.

Your M. Butterfly essays are due this Sunday, so I wanted to sum up my suggestions for your essays:

  1. As you review your rough draft, make sure you are presenting an argument to your reader (not just summing up what occurs in the play). Ask your self what issue or “lesson” your example is showing and be sure you are showing this in your essay.
  2. Make sure the point at the beginning and end of your essay reflect one another. It helps to read your paper backwards (from the end to the beginning).
  3. Follow the required format for the essay and focus on analyzing the cover page quotation rather than many other quotations from the text.
  4. Read over your final draft to make sure your paragraphs start and end with a point that reflects your essay’s thesis (main argument). If your paragraphs start with retelling the plot and not your point, edit them.
  5. Proofread and use a literary theory.

Some general things to remember:

  1. We are analyzing M. Butterfly, not Madame Butterfly (some of your rough drafts made this mistake)
  2. Be consistent in using the pronoun that refers to Song; avoid flip flopping between he and she without an explanation.
  3. There are times in the play when Gallimard is imagining conversations with others, so the dialogue might be in his head, not a real conversation. Review the scene you have selected to make sure you are discussing it accurately.
  4. Review your turnitin submission and delete/edit any plagiarism to avoid a failing grade.
  5. Review your essays on Chicken With Plums and Woman at Point Zero so that your M. Butterfly essays to improve upon your mistakes and errors.

Here is my first draft, I think it is not good, if you can make it better, that’s great cause professor already think this is my topic.

but if you have other better idea, you can follow what you think.

This is what I write.

Gallimard: You, Monsieur Song? Accuse me of too little imagination? You, if anyone, should know–I am pure imagination. And in imagination I will remain. Now get out!

Gallimard bodily removes Song from the stage, taking his knmono.

Song: Rene! I’ll never put on those robes again! You’ll be sorry!

Gallimard (To Song): I’m already sorry! (Looking at the kimono in his hands) Exactly as sorry…as a Butterfly.

(David 89-91)

ACT two, Scene Six

Gallimard: I want to see you …naked.


Song: I thought you undertstood my modesty. So you want me to-what-strip? Like a big cowboy girl? Shiny pasties on my breasts? Shall I fling my kimono over my head and yell “ya-hoo” in the process? I thought you respected my shame!

Gallimard: I believe you gave me your shame many years ago.

Song: Yes-and it is just like a white devil to use it against me. I can’t believe it. I thought myself so repulsed by the passive oriental and the cruel white man. Now I see we are always most revolted by the things hidden within us.

(David 59)

Gallimard: I just mean-

Song: Yes?

Gallimard: –that it will remove the only barrier left between us.

Song: No, Rene. Don’t couch your request in sweet words. Be yourself-a cad-and know that my love is enough, that I submit-submit to the worst you can give me. (Pause) Well, come. Strip me. Whatever happens, know that you have willed it. Our love, in your hands. I’m helpless before my man.

Gallimard starts to cross the room.

Gallimard: Did I not undress her because I knew, somewhere deep down, what I would find? Perhaps. Happiness is so rare that our mind can turn somersault to protect it.

At the time, I only knew that I was seeing Pinkerton stalking towards his Butterfly, ready to reward her love with his lecherous hands. The image sickened me, pulled me to my knees, so I was crawing towards her like a worm. By the time I reached her, Pinkerton… Had vanished from my heart. To be replaced by something new, something unnatural, that flew in the face of all I’d learned in the world-something very close to love.

He grabs her around the waist: she strokes his hair.

Thesis: Gallimard fell in love with Song because of his stereotype of orientals, which made him do something he regretted.

Body Paragragh 1: Gallimard’s stereotype of Oriental makes him fall in love. Gallimard always likes to understand others with the surface. Song is a major example. When he really knew Song’s gender, he still expressed it in a stereotyped way. “I have a date…with my Butterfly.” said by Gallimard showed perfectly Gallimard tends to imagine the beauty of the heart instead of seeing the world with his eyes. Song’s simple role successfully attracted Gallimard. To be exact, Gallimard was easily attracted because of his stereotype.

Body Paragragh 2: Although Gallimard’s stereotype of orientals is very strong, I think he always wants to escape a little. Gallimard asked to see Song naked. I think part of the reason is to confirm Song’s real identity. Song in a euphemistic situation do not show Gallimard his naked. Instead, Gallimard made a stereotype and thought that Oriental was conservative. “Our love, in your hands. I’m helpless before my man.” said by Song gave Gallimard a sense of reassurance. As you can imagine, invisible stereotypes can be terrible and cause people to miss the opportunity to find out the truth.

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