Incremental analysis, accounting homework help

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Locate peer reviewed  research articles published within the last
five (5) years
. Article should relate to incremental analysis.Complete the Research Evaluation Table (attached
below) and write a 1 page paper. 

One-to-two-page introduction to the article. Include the
following sections and include no opinions, judgments, or beliefs about the
study. Only present the facts.

  • Topic – State the broad organizational or field of
    study topic and establish the overall context for the study.
  • Problem
    or Opportunity
     – Describe the problem or
    opportunity that the researcher was trying to address.
  • Purpose
    of the Study
     – Discuss the intent of
    the study and list any research questions or hypotheses that were used.
  • Research
    Approach and Design
    Describe the overall research approach and information that you find
    related to the research design. Research design might include such things
    as the setting (field, laboratory, etc), the type of data that was
    collected, the sample and sample selection, the way data was prepared,
    analyzed, or presented, for example.
  • Audience – Identify the individual or groups that might be
    interested in the findings of the study.
  • Summary – Present the main points that you have covered
    in your paper; introduce no new information or concepts.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Use
    academic writing style, clear and concise language, and well-developed
    paragraphs (minimum of three sentences required to develop a paragraph)
  •  APA standards
  • Be
    1-2 pages in length

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