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Respond to at least two colleagues by offering constructive feedback about their scripts. Explain any lingering questions you had or insights you gained. Please be respectful of your colleagues, making sure that criticisms offered are constructive.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources. Use proper APA format and citations.

Hello expectant parents,

I want to offer you constructive information in providing the best emotional and social care to your children. It is commonly understood that the cognitive and physical development of one’s child is pivotal in your child’s development. In addition, emotional development is just as important and can also influence the cognitive and physical development of your child. I’ve prepared you all with information on what you can do to ensure the social and emotional development for your child which will also impact the physical and cognitive development in a positive manner. I understand that many of you come from an Asian background. Inevitably, your culture influences your values and beliefs. Collectivism highlights the common good for all; harmony among people which promotes interdependence (Halberstadt and Lozada, n.d). In other words, the goal for the entire group is considered first. Since culture influences your values, the collectivistic beliefs will color the parenting structure that you will instill in your children’s development. I will discuss with you some negative positive examples that can affect your children’s overall development and the ways you can combat those to ensure a healthy individual.

It is generally known that deprivation can yield deficits in the child’s development and depending on the extent; it can have long lasting effects. For example, children that have been abandoned early on can experience different types of rejections later on in their lives. Consider the article by Orbach (2017) that speaks on the abandonment-symbiosis hypothesis, which highlights the inversion of a normal development for the child as a result of being abandoned during their early childhood. The attachment style suffers between parent and child, casting a negative foreshadow on the child’s social and emotional development. The individual develops but experiences difficulties later on in their life such as their adolescence. This can also increase the likelihood of suicide if the deficits in their development aren’t dealt with properly (Orbach, 2017). While this is on the extreme end of the spectrum, it is helpful in understanding the impact that early childhood holds in an individual’s life. It is important for you to make a proactive effort in establishing a positive and healthy relationship with your children early on. In doing so, it will promote a healthy relationship where your children are more inclined to openly communicate. This is critical, especially during adolescence.

As I mentioned earlier, the attachment style is implemented by the parent and sets either a positive or negative trajectory in the child’s development. It is critical that the attachment style that each of you imprint in your infant’s life is a stable and consistent that promotes security and structure. This will inevitably transfer in their lives as they adopt your regulations and it sets the tone for their social development as well. I say this all to emphasize the significance of healthy emotional and social development. I hope this information provides you with the necessary guidelines as you become parents.


Halberstadt, A. G., & Lozada, F. T. (n.d). Emotion Development in Infancy through the Lens of Culture. Emotion Review, 3(2), 158-168.

Orbach, I. (2007). From abandonment to symbiosis: A developmental reversal in suicidal adolescents. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 24(1), 150-166. doi:10.1037/0736-9735.24.1.150

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