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this is also about the hcp you wrote for me

For Part 2 of your solution map you will continue to consider what it is that WE want as a society, and what rules/incentives/technology we can create to get us there…

Having explained what type of speech you want to protect and/or limit, do your best to answer the following questions. Your answers should be ~500 words or more and should be submitted here upon completion.

1. What are the major obstacles to either better restricting speech in your case AND/OR protecting speech in your case?

  • What are the legal obstacles?
  • Economic?
  • Institutional?
  • Technological?
  • Political?

2. Given these obstacles, HOW can you better protect and/or limit speech in your case?

  • By creating/overturning laws (in compliance with the 1st A)
  • Reduce monetary costs of protection/limitation OR “tax” the opposite of what you want
  • Petition impeding institutions to protect/limit speech
  • Enhance and promote current technologies to suite your needs, or create new technologies
  • Build consensus among political allies and/or negotiate and find common ground among political opponents

3. Having figured out WHAT you want, WHY you want it, and HOW best to address the obstacles facing you, what are the primary counter-arguments/objections to your solution?

  • What are the moral/philosophical objections? Why do some people think speech in your case should NOT be more limited/protected?
  • What are the practical objections? Why do some people think your solution doesn’t effectively address its obstacles, i.e.- is not feasible?

Separate from your ~500 word response:

1. Find at least 1 source that articulates your preferred solution and addresses the obstacles you’ve outlined. Write a source evaluation and upload that to your Working Bibliography in your ePort.

2. Find at least 1 source that opposes your solution from a moral/philosophical point of view, AND/OR addresses the obstacles differently. Write a source eval and upload it to your Working Bibliography in your ePort.

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