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This presentation is using the scenario from last weeks assignment.

Create a 7- to 9-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you include the following: 

  • Compare three performance measurement practices. 
  • Determine appropriate financial compensation and rewards using the scenario from your Week 3 assignment and explain your rationale of selecting the financial compensation and rewards. 
  • Outline a human resource plan for the project in the scenario. 

Include speaker notes on each slide.

Purpose of

purpose of this presentation assignment is for students to evaluate three
compensation plans to determine which is most appropriate for the project being

projects must support organizational goals, this assignment develops an
understanding of how a compensation plan aligns with organizational and project
goals. Specifically, compensation plans determine how organizations may gain the
most optimal returns on their investments and use of employees’ skills and

outlining Human Resource Plans for projects help identify and document project
roles, responsibilities, and reporting structures. By completing this
assignment, students discover how human resource plans provide the foundation
for developing project staffing management plans.

Resources Required

The scenario selected for the Week
3 assignment

Grading Guide



Partially Met

Not Met


presentation includes three
performance measurement practices.

The presentation includes a determination
of appropriate financial compensation and rewards using the scenario from
your Week 3 assignment.

The presentation includes a
rationale for the selection made for the financial compensation and rewards.

The presentation includes a human
resource plan for the project in the scenario.

presentation is 7 to 9 slides in length and includes speaker notes.

presentation includes relevant media and visual aids that are consistent with
the content.

Total Available

Total Earned



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