BUDDHA VS JESUS CHRIST, history homework help

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This needs to be 3 pages and absolutely NO PLAGIARISM AND USE OF ANY SOURCES. If there is any plagiarism or use of any text that’s not your own you won’t get paid. There should be no quotes and sources at all. it should all be in your own words. just choose one topic below and write a 3 page paper with directions above. THANK YOU!

1) All early civilizations developed around large river systems. Choose one early civilization and discuss various aspects of their relationship with the river, climate, and geography of the region.

2) Buddhism and Christianity each developed based on the teachings of a single individual. Contrast and compare Siddhartha Gautama and Jesus. How were they alike? How were they different? What do their differences and similarities say about the religious systems each inspired?

3) Chapter 3 introduced Sun Tzu and his work The Art of War. While ostensibly writing about military campaigns, Sun Tzu’s advice may be followed in many aspects of our lives. What sort of impact could Sun Tzu’s writings have on an individual? How might one use the precepts found The Art of War to educate themselves, get a better job, maintain a successful relationship, build a successful business, etc.? The full text of The Art of War is available on many websites.

4) The Epic of Gilgamesh, the Upanishads, the writings of Homer, and the Bible are just a few of the seminalwritten works from the ancient world, each composed in different languages, locations, and times. Discuss the impact of written language on a given area and era in human history. Use examples and be specific.

5) The Roman Empire occupied a significant portion of the world and its demise literally brought about the end of an era. Alexander’s empire, though much shorter, also had significant impact on human history. The Mongols, Persians, British, Spanish, French, Germans, English, and Russians also had their turns at establishing empires. Many consider the United States today as an imperial power. What factors contribute to an empire’s rise and what contributes to its fall? What makes an empire stable and long-lasting? What makes one unstable and short-lived?

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