human capital management presentation

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For this assessment, you will synthesize your findings about an organization’s workforce development practices and workforce management practices. To do so, you will create a 10–12-page PowerPoint presentation.

  • HCM Workforce Application

    The following resources provide information about HCM workforce application.

    HCM Benchmarking

    The following resources provide information about benchmarking HCM workforce development practices and workforce management.

  • Assessment Instructions

    Note: The assessments in this course are presented in sequence and should be completed in order.As a representative of an organization’s HR group, apply the results of your examinations of the HCM practices of your chosen organization—as conducted in the prior four assessments—to make recommendations for HCM improvements that will best serve the organization’s strategic goals.For this assessment, synthesize your findings about your chosen organization’s workforce development practices and workforce management practices in the form of a presentation to the management that accomplishes the following:

    • Provides a high-level overview of your chosen organization’s goals, strategies, processes, and technology.
    • Recommends HCM best practices most suited to the organization’s strategic goals.
    • Explains why the practices you have chosen are the right ones on which to focus. Provide scholarly support.
    • Explains how each practice would be measured. How would you put those measurements in place?
    • Describes how the management will know whether the practices are working.

    Your presentation should follow a logical structure.

    Additional Requirements

    Create your presentation using the following guidelines:

    • Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message
    • Number of slides: Provide a title slide and a final slide for your references. Do not count these two slides in the 10–12 slides required for the PowerPoint content.
    • Slide format: Present no more than five bulleted points per slide, limiting the content to about five words per point.
      • Use the Notes area to provide background and support for the content of each slide.
    • References: Include a minimum of five scholarly resources on your references slide, listing them in APA format. You may cite text and authors from the Suggested Resources as supporting resources, as well as any additional reputable resources you find on your own.
    • APA formatting: Resources and in-text citations (in the Notes area) should be formatted according to APA sixth edition style and formatting.

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