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Persuasive Speech

Topic: Should Art, Dance, and Music Therapies be covered by Health Insurance?

Requirements for this Speech Include:

Time Limit: 6-7 Minutes

Outline: 2 pages doubled spaced (Which, when doubled spaced, would equal 4 full pages Double Spaced),12-point font used throughout, Times New Roman throughout

Sources/Research: 5 Sources needed to be used, 2 non-internet sources

For one source per my professor, he suggests I use the American Art Therapy Association. Also, I may use ( Art Therapy, Dance Therapy, Music Therapy, and Imagery. This is your bibliography page. And it is separate from the outline.

Friendly Reminder: Use a proper heading for your Persuasive Speech

Tips to do within your speech:

  • Explain what the problem is and provide a solution
  • When quoting or citing someone else words within your speech say (according to) then the person’s name and facts they spoke.
  • Make sure your speech moves your audience to take some sort of action.
  • Build upon your credibility and use evidence to support your ideas within your speech.
  • Try to answer your audiences’ questions within your speech as you present your speech and evidence/research as well as be prepared to answer questions that the audience may have afterward.
  • As you write/type your speech make sure to use transitions.
  • Give some examples of some programs to back up your speech
  • Make sure your audience knows where and why you stand on your topic in the introduction of your speech.
  • Make sure you know both sides of the story/facts that you are representing.

Per my professor for my speech he suggests me to use the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence outline for your speech that includes 5 steps which are 1. Attention, 2. Need for change (what will this need do or show), 3. Satisfaction (provide a solution to the problem), 4. Visualization (show its benefits to the problem), 5. Action (say what you want your audience to do).

Critique Sheet and how you will be graded for your persuasive speech are as follows….

Introduction (attention-getter and preview) Attention-getter and preview are 5pts. Each

The outline must have 2 pages doubled spaced (Which, when doubled spaced, would equal 4 full pages Double Spaced)

Content (persuasive, well-organized, and uses sound arguments) some organizational choices for persuasion are problem/solution, Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, problem/cause/solution, and comparative advantages.

Research (5 credible sources with complete citations 2 of these must be non-internet)

Attribution (giving the audience the sources of your information as you present it. Meaning say according to then give the person’s name and facts) to avoid plagiarism, any content from sources (facts, statistics, quotations) must be attributed.

Conclusion (Summary and crisp ending) Summary and ending are 5 pts. Each

Note: Not following the above will be a deduction of 10 points in each category, with no exceptions.

Include within the speech how therapists work with their patients individually and or in groups. These types of therapies help one express themselves in many ways or levels. Also, include that these types of therapies are not only for the mentally ill, or those with behavioral problems but also helpful for those who have disabilities as well as the elderly. According to the ( website they state that dance therapies help people to accomplish the following…. Develop positive body image, improve self-concept and self-esteem, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, decrease isolation, chronic pain, and body tension, increase communication skills, and encourages a sense of well-being, as well as a form of exercise. Music therapy may involve listening to music, creating music, singing, and discussing music, in addition to guided imagery with music. Music therapy can help relieve stress, apprehension, fear, improve mood, lower heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate, relieve depression, relieve sleeplessness, relieve muscle tension, and provide relaxation. These types of therapies are very therapeutic and beneficial for one’s health and well-being.

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