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By Thursday, be sure to tackle all five questions. Your initial post should land between 250 and 350 words.No plagiarism as everything is submitted through Turnitin. This for an Advanced Composition class. Grammar, structure, spelling, etc. is very important and must be at a collegiate level.

Your two required responses (50-100) words need to address any errors in the works cited entry or in-text citation as well as comment on possible bias the author might have overlooked. Feel free to comment on any other aspect of your fellow classmates’ initial posts as well. I will provide these postings as soon as they are available. Responses are due Sunday.

Step 1: Provide the properly formatted works cited entry for a source referenced in your Toulmin essay.

Step 2: Provide the properly formatted in-text, parenthetical citation for the same source.

Step 3: In 50-100 words, discuss the following:

· Why you chose this source. In what ways is this source relevant to your paper?

· Whether it is a primary or secondary source

· If it is a popular, scholarly, and/or peer reviewed source

Step 4: Discuss how you determined this was a credible source. Make reference to at least 2 of the following: (100 words)

  • · How does the publisher of the source impact its credibility?
  • · How does the author impact its credibility?
  • · How does the evidence provided in the source (and documentation) impact credibility?
  • · What bias exists, if any? Think seriously about this, and be honest. The truth of the matter is that many sources contain bias.
  • · How recently was this source published, and how does the publication date impact credibility?

Step 5: On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the most credible source available, where does this source land? As the essay’s author, are you comfortable with this rating? What, if anything, might strengthen the credibility of the source? (100-150 words).

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