Library Database Activity English

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  • When you find one that looks good, open the document and skim through.  Decide whether or not this article has any fallacies in their reasoning.  If it does, and it looks interesting to you, use it!  If not, keep looking.  
    *************You don’t want to tell me there are no fallacies in the article.*********************
  • Once you’ve found the article you want to do, complete the following (you may want to copy and paste the questions into a document in order to complete):
  • ************* I gave you four articles and you can choose anyone of them********************** 
  1. List the title of the editorial and the publication/date and the author. 
  2. Give a brief summary of the argument (issue, conclusion, and reasons) of the editorial (4-5 sentences) 
  3. Explain a logical fallacy found in one or more of the reasons given in the argument.  Give the type of fallacy and the example of how it was used in the argument. Also discuss why the fallacy may have been chosen, and how it was used to sway the reader. (5-8 sentences) (
  4. Discuss whether or not you felt the argument was convincing.  Focus on the reasons given to support.  Were they enough?  What other evidence could the writer have given to help support their point?  (4-6 sentences). 
  5. Reflect and share when you may be able to use this type of database in your coursework, either in a class your taking now, how it could have helped you in the past, or how it may help you in future courses. (4-5 sentences) 
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the article where you see ‘Indexing (details).’  Click ‘Cite’and then copy and paste the citation here. 
  7. Save your activity as a .docx, .rtf, or pdf file and submit it here.

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