analyze the study by Manfual Figueroa(2017)

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  1. You will be able to design your own research in ways that are aligned, logically connected, and clear;
  2. You will be able to conduct effective literature reviews.

You will analyze the study by Manfual Figueroa(2017). The critique paper will be 4 pages and will include the following elements:

  • Title page (per APA guidelines)
  • Section header 1: Summary of study
    • Identify the main components of the anatomy of the design (research topic, purpose, problem, framework, method, procedures, findings, and conclusions).
  • Section header 2: Critique of Research Design
    • Evaluate the alignment of the elements of the study. To what extent are they logically connected?
    • Determine the overall value of the study: to what extent did it accomplish its purpose and answer the research question(s)?
  • Section header 3: Critique of Qualitative Writing Effectiveness
    • The rhetorical situation: Purpose of the paper
    • Language: Word choice & Sentence Structure (strong verbs, precise vocabulary usage, mix of sentence types)
    • Style: Voice and tone (authoritative voice reflective of the author; formal tone, attention to audience of learned readers)
    • Structure & Style: Clarity & Conciseness (content-rich paper, no redundancy of ideas)
    • Structure: Organization & Argumentation (logical ordering, avoidance of logical fallacies, adequate support for claims)

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