Hello there, I need help with this easy final English 101 (Critcal Reading and Composition) paper, I would really appreciate it.

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These are all the following instructions to follow:

Final Paper: Personal Narrative

(Or, How I Survived Spring 2020, a Term That Will Live in Infamy)

This assignment completes the points toward your final grade in what I hope is a relatively low-stress way.

Assignment: Write a narrative about some aspect of your experience during the coronavirus pandemic and taking college courses entirely online.A narrative is an account of a series of events, whether true or made up. Your narrative will be about your actual experience of the last five or six weeks, but you can be creative in the way you write about it, if you wish.

You could write about:

  • how you’ve experienced your online coursework: challenges, lessons, triumphs
  • what it’s like for you to have to stay at home most of the time (“I knew I had cabin fever when . . .” )
  • what you’ve learned about yourself: flexibility, work habits, resourcefulness
  • what you think you’ll remember most about this time in your life (“When I was your age . . .”)(Don’t think you’ll never say that when you get older. You will.)
  • how your social life and relationships with friends or family have adjusted (no fantasies about strangling anyone, please)

Or maybe you come up with your own focus.

Humor is acceptable and welcome. Profanity, however tempting and understandable, is not.

Since you’re writing about your own experience, it’s not only OK but necessary to use personal pronouns (I, me, my, we, our).Don’t refer to yourself as “this writer” or anything like that.

Length: About 4 full paragraphs, or approximately 500 words

Format: Usual heading at top left; double-spaced paragraphs; your own individual title

Grading: This assignment is pass/fail. A passing paper will earn 70 points; a failing paper, none.To pass, your paper must be:

  • composed in paragraphs, not one big blob of text
  • clear to read, no garbled passages
  • written in complete sentences, with correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling

In other words, this assignment is a gift, and in return I don’t want to have to read 30-35 sloppy or confusing papers (not that most of you would submit anything like that).JJJ

I will provide information about myself in order to make this paper credible as it is supposed to be my personal narrative

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