Review the Case brief on Ashley Jones vs. Richard Allen

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Review the Case brief on Ashley Jones vs. Richard Allen, Commissioner, Alabama Department of Corrections from the link below.

Assume that this case occurred in the State of California. Conduct a Court Predisposition Report, as if you were the designated Probation Officer processing the case. Let’s go back to the beginning. Once a case referral has been made to the Juvenile Probation Office, a decision needs to whether to file a petition or to handle the case informally. A petition is an official document filed in juvenile court on the juvenile’s behalf that specifies the reasons for the youth’s appearance. Complete a Predisposition Report (PDR).

The PDR that must be included in your report:

I. Referral Information: (Offense Conduct Summary)

  • Summarize the offense conduct
  • Victim Impact Summary: A victim impact statement
  • Note if their were co-defendants and state their specific roles in the offense conduct
  • Note if the juvenile have been placed on Prior Supervision: If none-state N/A
  • Note Aggravating Circumstances

II. Social, Educational, and Substance-Abuse History

  • Social
  • Education/Employment
  • School History
  • Mental Health/Substance History
  • Note Mitigating Circumstances

III. Juvenile Probation and Parole (JPPO) Overview Recommendation (YOU)

  • Note whether this juvenile case should be processed informally or if a formal petition needs to be filed.
  • Note whether this case should be referred to the adult court. If so a Fitness Hearing needs to be recommended with your justification for the referral to the adult court system.
  • Note your recommended sanctions for this juvenile (ie. diversion, detention, placement in treatment facility, incarceration in adult facility, nominal sanctions (Ch:10) etc. Note the length of time you are recommending to the court and state your reasons.

Review the attached juvenile forms from the links below. Select the applicable forms to complete in this case.

Juvenile Wardship Petition JV-600

Violation of Law By Child JV-620

Informal Probation Agreement JV- 622

JV- 624 Terms and Conditions

JV- 625 Notice of Hearing—Juvenile Delinquency Proceeding

JV- 640 Delinquency Court Proceeding Findings and Orders

JV- 642 Initial Appearance Hearing—Juvenile Delinquency

JV- 644 Jurisdiction Hearing – Juvenile Delinquency

JV-665 Disposition—Juvenile Delinquency

JV-667 Custodial and Out-of-Home Placement Disposition Attachment

JV-707 Fitness Hearing (Links to an external site.)

JV- 710 Order to Transfer Juvenile to Criminal Court Jurisdiction (Welfare and Institutions Code, § 707)

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