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The American Revolution:  Although there are many causes that impacted the American Revolution.   Two of the causes were the Stamp Act of 1765 and the Tea Act of 1773.  The Stamp Act extorted revenue from the American colonies.  Everything paper and printed material was taxed this included newspapers, legal and commercial documents. This Stamp Act caused conflict and tension throughout Parliament and the colonies. The Tea tax in 1773 added taxes to basic goods such as sugar, molasses and tea.  This is considered the first revolutionary act, when colonist boarded ships and tossed their goods/cargo and tea overboard also known as the Boston Tea party.  Since the Boston Tea Party disrupted government in such a huge way this caused several other acts to be passed.  The colonists simply wanted representation in Parliament since they were being forced to help pay for the wars.  This would socially impact groups of people for an undetermined amount of time.


In my opinion one of the root causes of the revolution was money. The Seven Year War left King George III with a considerable war debt, and to pay it he imposed a series of taxes on the colonists. The colonists were very upset by these taxes as they were placed on things that had been free up until that point, and were imposed without their consent. Anytime you take money from someone it is going to cause problems.  The King was also placing restrictions on their trade as well by limiting the production of finished Iron goods (among others) so that Britain could profit from increased production and export of the iron itself. As more and more taxes and restrictions piled up the Colonists eventually reached a point where they had had enough. 

Another huge issue that the colonists had was the Quartering Act. After the Boston Tea Party this act was passed with 4 others that have become known as the “Intolerable Acts”. It forced the colonists to allow British troops to stay in their homes. No one like unwanted guests but what made it worse was the fear that Americans had of the British troops after the events of the Boston Massacre. Many were scared that at any time they would or could be slaughtered in their beds while they slept. 

I chose these cause because they are both still extremely relevant today. A lot of our political discussions right now deal with money and taxes. And while the police aren’t necessarily an occupying military force that we are forced to quarter in our homes, there is still a lot of fear of them because of recent civilian killings, which in turn causes rioting and calls for a “revolutionary change” of modern policing.

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