Immersion Assignment and Memo

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Assignment: “At the Movies”

Do some research to identify a film to view. The film could be a documentary about a cultural group or country/region. I could be about a topic you find controversial or challenging to understand or represents a viewpoint very different from your own. Explain why the film is appropriate for this assignment and why you chose it.

General Assignment Requirements

(1) Complete the immersion experience by watching a movie (suggestions attached)

a. After watching the movie, find time to sit quietly and reflect on what happened in the film. Take some notes about your thoughts. What did you think? Did you find yourself judging the behaviors of others? Did you have any emotional or physical reactions to the experience? Why do you think so? Were your concerns or fears justified?

(2) Write and Submit a short memo (1 page) containing the following items:

a. Identify the movie that is the basis of the memo.

b. Explain why you chose this particular movie.

c. Briefly describe the details of the movie (who, what, where, why, etc.).

d. Discuss your reactions (thoughts, emotions) during the movie. Consider describing things like: What surprised you? What unexpected reactions did you have to the movie? Analyze those reactions and discuss whether they were founded or not? Your personal feelings of comfort, discomfort, enjoyment, etc. You could, for example, use the cultural frameworks we will consider in class to help with this (e.g., Hofstede) to help you analyze your feelings/reactions.

e. Conclude with what you learned from the movie.

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