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theory discusses Primary and Secondary deviance. Explain these two related
ideas and show how you – or someone you know – illustrate the idea of primary
deviance and how what you (Or they) do could push them into secondary deviance.

for evidence of racial, ethnic, or gender stereotyping in television shows and
commercials. Keep a record of the number and types of stereotypes portrayed.
Discuss your findings. Are they evidence of institutionalized discrimination?
What are the possible reasons for the perpetuation of certain stereotypes?
(Other stereotypes you might keep track of include stereotypes of gays and lesbians,
or elderly people.)

form of institutionalized discrimination is represented by under-representation
of certain groups in the mass media. Watch television shows and commercials for
several weeks. Keep a record of the number males vs. females, Anglo whites vs.
racial and ethnic minorities, and ages under 50 vs. ages over 50, in the
regular cast of characters on shows. Discuss your findings. What are the
possible reasons for the disparity in numbers in each category?

the reasons the United States and much of the world are experiencing an
economic depression. What were/are the causes the current crisis? How has it
affected the poor and the middle class? What do you think needs to be done to
resolve the problems created by the crisis?

how a current or historical event relates to a sociology topic we have covered.
In two pages, describe the event, define or describe the sociology topic and
explain how the event or issue relates to the sociology topic.

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